Discover the Sensory Spa in Chianciano Terme

Take a unique journey through our specially designed routes aimed at stimulating all the senses to achieve psychophysical wellbeing

The Chianciano sensory spa is the perfect meeting point between the spa experience, naturopathy and the enchanting Tuscan countryside and offers five wellness programs for body and spirit care studied by naturopathic experts : purifying, energizing, rebalancing, relaxing and finally the path of taste. Following the programs you will be able to live an experience through the 20 rooms and activities that you encounter: pools with hydromassages, one with salt water, the energy pyramid, the melmarium, the ice crash, two saunas, the Turkish bath, the emotional showers, the source of the Acqua Santa (a suggestive evocative sculpture of the source that is found in the surrounding Park), aromatherapy, chromotherapy, music therapy, the Kneipp path and the room of inner silence, a beautiful outdoor garden and a relaxation room.
Based on the choice of the program, which can also be customized following a discussion with the Naturopath, a specific result will be obtained.
On the upper floor of the Sensory Spa, the Wellness Center has been designed to combine modern technologies for remise en forme and psycho-physical relaxation with classical aesthetics and techniques derived from Eastern wisdom, naturopathy and holistic medicine. Here it is possible to undertake specific programs for weight loss, recovery of skin elasticity and tone and for an anti-aging effect thanks to the use of modern professional machinery.

The Sensory Spas are enriched by a further sense, that of taste, thanks to the buffet itinerary conceived by Professor Nicola Sorrentino, scientific director of the Sensory Spas and specialist in Food Science and Dietetics, in Hydrology, Climatology and Thalassotherapy. A healthy journey where the lightness of the dishes is combined, in a refined room, with goodness, stimulating the other senses.
Every detail is taken care of, even the colors of the proposed foods. According to chromotherapy experts, the body's functions are influenced not only by the composition of the foods, but also by their color, and consequently it is possible to cure, detoxify and even lose weight following a diet that takes into consideration the colors of the food.

Discover all the experiences and activities you can do at the Sensory Spa

  • I percorsi Sensoriali

    Alle Terme Sensoriali i classici trattamenti termali si integrano con le filosofie orientali attraverso dei percorsi di stimolazione sensoriale studiati appositamente da naturopati per riscoprire il benessere del corpo e dello spirito.
  • Le 20 meraviglie

    Scopri le 20 stanze ed attività all'interno delle Terme Sensoriali; vasche con idromassaggi, docce emozionali, aromaterapia, cromoterapia e molte altre esperienze uniche ed emozionanti che non ti puoi perdere.
  • Centro Benessere

    Il centro benessere delle Terme Sensoriali coniuga le moderne tecnologie per la remise en forme con il rilassamento psico-fisico, qui potrai intraprendere un programma specifico a seconda delle tue esigenze, per il ringiovanimento del corpo e dello spirito.
  • Naturopatia

    La naturopatia mira alla stimolazione della capacità innata di autoguarigione o di ritorno all'equilibrio del corpo umano, denominata omeostasi e attraverso l'uso di tecniche quali : massaggi, riflessologia plantare, idroterapia, cromopuntura/cromoterapia, floriterapia, climatoterapia, aromaterapia e molte altre.
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