Relaxing trail

Relaxing trail

Sensory spa at Chianciano Terme

Recommended for those suffering from agitation and anxiety, tension and vasomotor migraine, stress, especially where the aim is physical and mental relaxation and alleviate musculoskeletal tension.

Activities included in the trail.

Obligatory shower
Walk in the River (7 minutes)
Multi-sensory showers
Hydromassage relaxation tub (15 minutes)
Relaxation (15 minutes)
Hot shower, dry yourself well
Etruscan sauna (10 minutes)
Shower 30°C
Relaxation (20 minutes)
Relaxing aromatherapy (15 minutes)
Melmarium (mud room) with relaxing clay (15 minutes)
Calidarium (10 minutes)
Hot shower
Relaxation (20 minutes)
Chakra chromotherapy (21 minutes)
Pyramid power (10 minutes)
Relaxing tisane.

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