Flavour Trail

The Terme Sensoriali are enriched by a further sense - taste - thanks to the buffet package designed by professor Nicola Sorrentino, scientific director of the Terme Sensoriali. In a sophisticated room, this healthy package combines the lightness of the dishes with their goodness, stimulating the other senses at the same time.

Every detail is taken care of, even the colours of the proposed foods. According to chromotherapy experts, the body’s functions are influenced not only by the composition of the foods, but also by their colour and we may treat ourselves, detox and even lose weight by following a diet which considers the shades of our foods.

The flavour trail is composed of dishes made with km 0, organic products and the two Tuscan items par excellence are staple elements: extra-virgin olive oil and wine, in the right doses. Sorrentino dishes are made with ingredients which are in season, are natural, colourful, tasty and low-calorie, but above all simple.

Nicola Sorrentino

Specialist in Nutrition and Food Science, Hydrology, Climatology and Thalassotherapy.
Teacher at the University of Pavia.
Regular guest on various television and radio broadcasts.
Author of scientific and popular books and articles, including “La dieta Sorrentino” (the Sorrentino diet) and “La dieta dell’acqua” (the water diet), published in 2014 by Salani, where he speaks of the properties of the thermal waters of Chianciano terme in connection with a dietary regime.