Wellness paths

The wellness paths of the Sensory Baths

Regenerate body and spirit with the sensory pathways studied by our naturopathic experts.

At the Sensory Spa classic spa treatments are integrated with the oriental philosophies through sensory stimulation paths specifically designed by naturopaths to rediscover the well-being of body and spirit.

Relaxing trail

Recommended for those suffering from agitation and anxiety, tension and vasomotor migraine, stress, especially where the aim is physical and mental relaxation and alleviate musculoskeletal tension.

Restoring trail

Package designed to restore harmony to the body, mind and soul.

Energising trail

Treatment package designed for all the problems related to lack of energy, weak immune system, anxiety, insecurities, insomnia, psycho-physical deterioration, panic attacks and agitation.

Cleansing trail

Designed to detox body and mind, to eliminate the toxins accumulated due to poor dietary habits, incorrect lifestyles, medicine use and intestinal dysbiosis. Drains and cleanses the body with immediately visible effects on the skin.

Flavour Trail

The Terme Sensoriali are enriched by a further sense – taste – thanks to the buffet package designed by professor Nicola Sorrentino, scientific director of the Terme Sensoriali. In a sophisticated room, this healthy package combines the lightness of the dishes with their goodness, stimulating the other senses at the same time.