Relaxation Pools
Sensory Spa of Terme di Chianciano

Large pools inside the spa that continue on the outside, stretching out into the extraordinarily beautiful greenery of the Acquasanta Park, all in Travertine stone and with a water temperature of 36°C. Here, guests can relax and enjoy the movement of the powerful jets of water that make waves in sequence through the various zones of the pools. Lying on comfortable chaises longues, seated on the benches or standing on the insufflation plates, guests may choose water-jet massages to the back, whole body or neck muscles, by positioning themselves in the outdoor pools under the powerful jets of water that spring from fountains with a linear, elegant design. These jets relax the body, model and ease the shape, and the slight contraction and relaxation effect on the blood vessels stimulates the whole body system. Not recommended in the presence of severe heart and circulatory problems.
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