The salt room

The salt room

The salt cave has been a well-known treatment that has been practiced since the Middle Ages, when the ancients discovered the advantages of breathing in the saline air.

Today, this holistic experience based on the inhalation of sodium chloride in high concentration, is lived inside rooms where every surface is covered with dry salt. Walls, floor, ceiling and every element present in the salt cave is made with salt, which being ionized through a special jet, releases its properties into the air.

Inside the salt room there is a specific type of salt, often the pink one from the Himalayas, which boasts higher concentrations of:

  • calcium (ideal for strengthening bones and strengthening the immune system)
  • iodine (which helps reduce the body’s lipid layer)
  • fluoride (which supports the immune system and makes teeth healthier and stronger)
  • copper (which promotes blood circulation and lowers sugar levels)
  • potassium (valuable ally for muscle health)
  • magnesium (relaxing for the body and for pressure)

Inside the salt cave, absolute tranquility and total relaxation reign: therefore, it is absolutely forbidden to make noise, talk and use any type of technological device.

The air is clean, without any polluting substance, absolutely dry, with an average humidity of 50% and the temperature inside the salt room is very pleasant, around 20 °: therefore, no special clothing is needed to access this experience.

A very simple treatment, but equally powerful and incredibly rich in beneficial virtues.

Among the benefits of the salt room, in fact, there are advantages for the respiratory system, for the skin and for the mood.