Grotta della fonte

Acqua Santa Source Grotto

Acqua Santa Source Grotto

In the bowels of the earth, next to the melmarium and the energy pyramid, is the Source Grotto, a simple environment in Travertine stone throughout, with a corridor leading into it. All that is here is a source from which the Acqua Santa water drips from above into a monumental vase.

Sensory Spa guests thus have the opportunity to “sample” the water that springs in the Acqua Santa Park at a temperature of 33°C. This mineral spa water is classified as bicarbonate-sulphate-calcium. Mineral water therapy purifies, detoxes and stimulates metabolism and is an effective way to help eliminate the effects of prolonged pharmacological treatments, such as oral contraceptives. The water is drunk in the morning, on an empty stomach, and treatment cycles of at least 12 days are recommended, subsidised by the Italian National Health Service, as prescribed by a doctor. The treatment is effective for diseases of the liver and the biliary ducts, such as dyspepsia of gastroenteric and biliary origin, biliary calculosis and during recovery from biliary duct surgery. This treatment with Acqua Santa water improves liver and biliary function, digestion, the absorption of dietary fats and the elimination of harmful substances. Patients are advised to begin the treatment at home for a cycle of 15 days and to continue it for a further 15 days after the stay at the spa, integrating the treatment at the source after six months with a cycle of at least 30 days at home. Acqua Santa can be warmed and taken in the morning, and can be found, together with Acqua Fucoli and Acqua Attiva, in major retail chains as well as pharmacies.

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