Frequently Asked Questions

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The duration of each program is about 3 hours as this is also the recommended time of stay in order to obtain a widespread sense of well-being and relaxation without, however, “exaggerating” and tiring the organism. The ticket is valid for 3 and a half hours. If you want to extend your stay every additional hour has a cost of € 10.

Yes. A kit with a bathrobe, a towel for Turkish bath and saunas and a single-dose shower gel and shampoo are supplied at the entrance. However, bringing your own bathrobe and towel from home, you can take advantage of a € 3 discount on the admission price. Slippers and a cap can be brought from home or can be bought at the entrance.

It is forbidden to bring food into the Sensory Spa. It is however possible to re-hydrate with water and four different types of herbal tea. The Percorso del Gusto (tasting program) offers a buffet of healthy recipes and healthy dishes; it must be booked at the time of entry and the cost is 22 euros.

The entrance ticket gives access to all services within the Sensory Spa, these services are then ordered differently according to the different programs; for example, in one program the use of the Finnish sauna may be indicated, while in another the use of the Etruscan sauna – this does not prevent the guest from changing their mind or making changes to the individual programs. Therefore the choice of a program is not mandatory but is strongly recommended.

Reservations are mandatory and can be made by calling the Booking Office on +39 848 800 243 every day from 9:00 to 19:00.

Massages and beauty treatments are not included in the admission price to the Sensory Spa. These services are performed in the Wellness Center on the upper floor of the Sensory Spa and have variable prices depending on the treatment and are made by reservation.

Pregnant women are strongly advised against the use of very hot rooms such as the Turkish Bath and Sauna, the Salt Bath, the direct hydromassage on the abdomen and all those services in which essential oils are used since they can pigment the skin, in particular the Sensory Tub and the Melmarium.