Sensory spa, naturopathy center

Naturopathy is a discipline (with ancient origins) that is close to the malaise and discomfort in different ways than the traditional (allopathic) medicine. It borns to help the body to restore health conditions altered by disease. The Sensory Spa, a magnificent spa of Chianciano Terme in the Acqua Santa Park, is the only one in Italy based on the principles of naturopathy. The name comes from the Latin term nature and the greek term empathy. Naturopathy consists of a vision of empathy with nature, with the natural principles that affect humans and the environment in which he lives. The man is a natural and empathic relationship with his natural state is health. One of the fundamental tasks of naturopathy is to treat health . not the disease. The Naturopath does not deal with the diagnosis and therapy (which are acts reserved to the doctor). He, through the integrated use of various natural and synergistic disciplines, promotes person in the most favorable conditions to preserve / restore the mental and physical balance, awakening the ability to self-healing innate and inherent in all of us: the life force that moves each living being. The underlying principle, common to many holistic disciplines and which is also based traditional Chinese medicine is that the human being possesses, from birth, a certain amount of life energy, which governs every biochemical process is precisely the amount of vital energy (which varies over time) of each person to determine the health or disease. The Naturopath rate this "capacity" vital and helps the individual to preserve or rebalance in case of alterations.
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