How to find child-friendly places to stay in Tuscany

Are you planning a trip to Italy and you are now nervous about travelling with your kids? Concerned that travelling abroad with the family will be uncomfortable and limiting?

Do not worry at all, we are here to prove that there are lots of family options for you to discover and try in Tuscany.

Tuscany: a family-friendly region

What about the perfect accommodation? Tuscan hotels, agritourism (agriturismo), rental villas or apartments and farmhouses are providing more and more solutions for families travelling with children - of all ages from baby to teen - in terms of facilities and mod-cons. The trend of helping the parents find ways to relax while the kids are having fun has led to some creative and family-friendly ideas that will have everyone looking forward to the next holiday in Tuscany.

These are not accommodations that will stretch your budget; they are wholesome, family oriented vacation lodgings designed to relieve the tension that can build when travelling with children. Kids just want to play, splash in the pool, swing on the swings and explore new corners - maybe a game of ping pong, foosball or an afternoon learning how to make pizza, or in the playground or doing sports like tennis. Tuscany is where you come to enjoy the weather, the views, the magical land of history and art, visit a few castles, a little wine tasting and of course do all of this while having quality family time.

Sightseeing with children in Tuscany

Visiting Tuscany with kids offers an abundance of ways to bring learning to life. Visiting cities like Volterra, Pienza, Pisa or little medieval villages alone, is like walking through a history book. Get hands-on with re-creations of Da Vinci’s machines at the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum in Florence. Learn about Galileo’s instruments of discovery at the Galileo Museum, also in Florence. Head to the Paleontological Museum in Montevarchi for a treasure trove of Pliocene and Pleistocene fossils, including saber-toothed tigers and a mammoth. And in Siena, find the Museo d’Arte per Bambini, an art museum geared specifically to children within a larger arts complex.

Family nature immersion

Why not trying to enjoy fully the countryside? How about riding down the rolling hills?

These and other activities can be carried out in Tuscany. Here are a few tips.

The Maremma Park, also known as the Regional Park of the Uccellina, spreads across the hills of the Uccellina, a sinuous chain of hills parallel to the coast and covered with Mediterranean scrub.

What do you say about exploring the park on horseback? Or just on foot with some stops to birdwatch?

Imagine leaving the city and traffic behind with its smog for a few days and come into close touch with pristine land? In Maremma, you can at this park.

Across the park, you'll find both wide open spaces with lots of green, as well as many farmhouses that offer local Tuscan products and a place to stay and enjoy all that the park has to offer!

With an extension of almost 10.000 hectares of free beaches, natural reserve and park to explore from Principina a Mare to Talamone, the hard part will be deciding what to do and when. There are many itineraries you can follow to immerse yourself in this green paradise and experience unforgettable moments in close contact with local vegetation (such as holm oaks, heather, cork oak, myrtle, broom, pine trees) and its fauna (wild oar, fox, row and fallow deer, as well as the oxen that the Maremma butteri, or cowboys, are known for herding).

Within the park, you can follow itineraries on foot, on horseback, on donkey, on mountain bike, at night and historical and cultural trails that take you to both religious sites and to the old watchtowers that kept watch for pirates... and let's not forget its pristine beaches!

The best beaches in Tuscany for children

Travelling in the summer? Tuscany boasts some of the most beautiful beaches and resorts in Italy, spread over a scenic and often unspoiled coastline with clear waters and stunning panorama.

Let’s see which are the best beaches for families in Tuscany. The following beaches are suitable and recommended if you have small kids, as they are wide, characterized by fine sand without pebbles, gravel or rocks that can be dangerous for the little ones. Near them are bars, restaurants, and kiosks where to go after the bath to get an ice cream or have some fun. All are fully equipped with umbrellas, mini club, play areas, and all necessary bathing facilities.

Last but not least, the following shores has low sea bottoms and are watched by lifeguards.

Viareggio, north of Tuscany in the beautiful province of Lucca, is specially conceived to entertain the little ones and their parents alike. Bathing establishments are equipped with anything you may require, and the place is full of playgrounds, green areas, as well as bars, restaurants, and shops.

Forte dei Marmi, a symbol of holidays in the north of Tuscany, is extremely welcoming with its many seaside establishments, here is the “Beach of children”, where kids, boys, and girls can play many sports such as swimming, surfing, volleyball, canoeing, football, scuba diving, table tennis and even hiking.

Castiglione della Pescaia, enchanting seaside destination in the southern coast of Tuscany, enjoys a long, wide sandy beach, that has all to enjoy small children as well as adults. Behind the beach is a verdant Mediterranean brush, that lends itself to great walks and relaxation.

Marina di Grosseto is a favorite with families, and not only for the quality of the water, that is particularly clean, but also for the pine forest with bicycle paths and equipped areas, not to mention the wonderful promenade. Amusement parks are not missing as well, so it’s really great for children.

It is all about location, budget and needs - the young and the adult can have the adventure of a lifetime while vacationing in Tuscany. Do you want to give it a try?

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