Sensory Spa

Experience unique emotions with our sensory pathways through the stimulation of all the senses.

At the Terme Sensoriali it is possible to regenerate the body and the spirit through the thermal waters of Chianciano Terme and rediscover themselves through a journey through the senses and the elements. Here the classic spa treatments harmonize and blend with oriental philosophies, creating a magical place to pamper your body and your senses. The “20 Wonders” present in the structure such as the melmarium or the calidarium or even the walk in the river, just to name a few, can be freely addressed or by choosing one of the 5 courses studied by naturopaths to obtain the best possible result. The Sensory Baths are immersed in the greenery of the Acqua Santa Park, which offers an ideal place to enjoy the silence, the pure air and the scents of nature in every season.


Sensory Spa

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The Sensory Spa is an evolution of the classical concept of thermalism, where classic spa treatments are integrated with oriental techniques to create an all-encompassing sensory experience. We offer a series of programs that help to rediscover the well-being of both body and spirit.

The Spa

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The Sensory Spa uses modern technology to help you get back into psychological and physical form. Choose the rejuvenating program that is right for you



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