How long does a programme last? Is it possible to do more than one programme a day?

Each programme lasts about 3 hours; this is the time we recommend staying in the spa to obtain an overall sense of wellbeing and relaxation without going “over the top” and tiring the body. The ticket is valid for three and a half hours; guests wishing to stay longer may do so at an additional cost of € 10 per hour.

Do I have to bring a bathrobe and swimwear?

Yes. At the entrance, you will be supplied with a kit containing a bathrobe and bath towel for the Turkish Bath and the Saunas, and an individual shower foam and shampoo. If you bring your own bathrobe and bath towel, you will receive a € 3 discount on the entry price. You can bring your own flip-flops and cap, or purchase them at the entrance.

Can food be consumed in the Sensory Spa?

Food may not be consumed during the sensory programmes. Guests may rehydrate themselves with water and four different types of tisanes, and snack on dried fruit and nuts. 

Does the entry ticket comprise a programme, or simply entry to the Sensory Spa? Is it compulsory to follow a programme?

The entry ticket offers access to all the services within the Sensory Spa, which are organised in a different order according to the different programmes. For example, in one programme the Finnish sauna may be contemplated, whereas another may suggest the Etruscan sauna, but there is nothing to prevent guests changing their mind en route, or modifying the individual programmes. Therefore, it is not compulsory to choose and stick to a specific programme, although it is highly recommended.

Is booking compulsory?

Yes. You can call the Booking Office on 848 800 243, every day from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Are massages also included in the entry price?

No, the entry price does not cover massages or beauty treatments in the Sensory Spa. These services are provided in the Wellness Centre on the upper floor of the Sensory Spa, and prices vary depending on the treatment. These services must be booked in advance.

Can children do everything in the spa, or is there anything not recommended for them?

Entry to the Sensory Spa is for over 12s only. 

Are there any restrictions for expectant mothers?

We strongly advise pregnant women against using very hot rooms such as the Turkish Bath and Sauna, the Salt Water Pool and water jet massage directly on the abdomen, as well as all those services in which essential oils are used, because they may leave pigments on the skin; specifically, the Sensory Pool and the Melmarium.

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